Bathurst Summerfest

What is Bathurst Summerfest?

Bathurst Summerfest is an annual week of summer fun for the family! Summerfest has been running each January in Bathurst for over 15 years! Hundreds of children ranging from pre-school, primary to youth have a blast every year learning from the Bible, making friends, singing songs, playing games and making craft. There’s something for everyone and it is totally free!

This year Summerfest will be running on the January 15th 2022.

What will it look like in 2022?

The big change in 2021 due to COVID is that the pre-school and kids programs (Rugrats and Triple S) will be going ONLINE! We will have our usual fun, games, stories, activities and craft all streamed online for anyone to watch in their own homes in January 2021. There is an exciting opportunity to invite your friends to tune in with you to learn about Jesus and be involved in the kids programs from wherever you are. The main theme this year is “Big Fish. Bigger Rescue.” and we will be looking at the epic story of Jonah from the Bible.

SWITCH is still running an youth event in person on the evening of the 15th of January!

How can I get involved?

Let us know that you are coming by registering!!! Why not invite your friends to your place to tune in and be involved together.

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What are the different programs?


Pre-school Age Children


K-6 Primary School Age Children


High Schoolers
Saturday 15th January, 7 – 9pm
For all the high schoolers we are hosting a special one night youth event.

Who runs Bathurst Summerfest?

Bathurst Summerfest is a partnership between the Bathurst Presbyterian Church, Bathurst Evangelical Church, the Bathurst Baptist Church and a team of young people from Churches across NSW. All the people working with children have completed the mandatory checks required by law.







Why do we do it?

We would love to give everyone in Bathurst (and beyond) an opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus! We believe that knowing God and the life he offers through Jesus is wonderful and life changing. We particularly love sharing the good news about Jesus with kids and families and having a great time while at it!

Summerfest Media

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